I want to compliment you on the excellent presentation to my staff today on Identifying and Dealing Effectively with the Difficult Dental Patient. You were right on target as the factors that cause a patient to be, or become, difficult in dental situations. Teaching us about identifying “where we are coming from,” what our personal stress triggers are and what personal styles we each have for handling confrontation, innately as part of our persona or acquired in our professional life, was most valuable.

I look forward to you developing a series of these presentations on other aspects of medical/dental office management that I would love to review and use with my staff. I must comment that your focus on working with the staff for their own benefit was very well received. In fact, one staff member commented that you focused on how to make their lives in the office better, and more fulfilling. She said, in contrast, that all of the other seminars we have had by outside consultants were focused on how the “practice” and “doctor” would benefit from the new skills – with you, it was on how they (the staff members) will benefit from less stress and eventual mastery of dealing with the “difficult dental patient.”

Simon Rosenberg, DMD
New York, NY