Learning Dynamics retained KBC Consulting for the following clients:

MTV Networks
Konowitz and Kahn
Hop Energy
Polo Ralph Lauren

Area Health Education Centers
Leadership Greater Hartford
COCC Financial Technology Solutions

KBC Consulting has provided consulting services for the following companies:

Newtown Savings Bank
American Society of Reproductive Medicine
New York Gastroenterology Associates
Reproductive Medicine Associates
MedTech for Solutions
National Association of Nurse Anesthetists

Dr. Simon Rosenberg
Manhattan Fertility Center
Healthcare Human Resources Consulting Consortium
Tim Redmond Associates
Strategic Communication Lab

Client Testimonials

“Great program.” “I liked how the trainers got people involved in the conversation.” “I learned new things I never thought of before.

March 30, 2009 – Comments from “Bringing Out The Best in Others” program at Newtown Savings Bank co-trained by Kira Copperman, KBC Consulting for Learning Dynamics.

The presenter, Kira Copperman, gave us a clear, concise presentation regarding our different personality types and how these traits effect our interaction with others.  Mrs. Copperman facilitated discussion between staff members that would normally not have taken place. Many issues were resolved and brought out into a relaxed form where our office staff freely exchanged ideas and solutions to matters affection all of us.  Her “stay C.A.L.M.” approach has helped our staff act profesionally even in times of stress.  We now have a C.A.L.M. practice.

-Dr. Caryn E. Selick, MD and Barbara Zimoras, RN/office manager
New York University Langone Medical Center

I want to compliment you on the excellent presentation to my staff today on Identifying and Dealing Effectively with the Difficult Dental Patient. You were right on target as the factors that cause a patient to be, or become, difficult in dental situations. Teaching us about identifying “where we are coming from,” what our personal stress triggers are and what personal styles we each have for handling confrontation, innately as part of our persona or acquired in our professional life, was most valuable.

I look forward to you developing a series of these presentations on other aspects of medical/ dental office management that I would love to review and use with my staff. I must comment that your focus on working with the staff for their own benefit was very well received. In fact, one staff member commented that you focused on how to make their lives in the office better, and more fulfilling. She said, in contrast, that all of the other seminars we have had by outside consultants were focused on how the “practice” and “doctor” would benefit from the new skills – with you, it was on how they (the staff members) will benefit from less stress and eventual mastery of dealing with the “difficult dental patient.”

-Simon Rosenberg, DMD
New York, NY

Please allow this letter to serve as an enthusiastic endorsement of the Dealing With Difficult Patients Seminar led by Kira Copperman, which was a relevant, engaging well-moderated talk.  We are eager to have Kira Copperman come back to lead additional seminars for our staff.

-Kate Canepa
Practice Administrator
Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York

More References available upon request