Professional Development Training, Presentations and Coaching For Organizations.

Our Goal

To help participants improve productivity and reduce workplace conflict by increasing their self-awareness, self-management and relationship management.

Kira Copperman, President of KBC Consulting, combines her background in social work, corporate management, and human resources to effectively help her clients make positive changes to improve performance.

Kira Copperman is a dynamic entertaining trainer and speaker who has been a featured presenter at local and national conferences on topics related to Workplace Communication, Generational Issues and Emotional Intelligence.

Executive Coaching

Kira’s approach to coaching involves working with leaders to evaluate and improve their effectiveness using the theories of emotional intelligence. Through conversations, assessments, and observations, Kira assists her clients in improving leadership skills by developing their self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship managementShe aligns organizational and individual  goals to achieve tangible outcomes in  each coaching engagement.

Group Facilitation

Kira Copperman is an engaging facilitator helping people improve their workplace communication by introducing best practices in a practical, applicable way.  Ms. Copperman’s understanding of human behavior combined with her strong facilitation skills provide her with specific expertise in creating an atmosphere that fosters openness, self-awareness and professional development.  Kira helps participants understand how to apply the skills they learn to their roles for improved productivity.

Keynote Presentations

Kira Copperman is a sought-after presenter at conferences and meetings.  She brings an energy and enthusiasm to her presentations that keeps the audience engaged and entertained.  She provides practical solutions that are relatable and actionable relating to topics such as Generational Workforce Issues, Emotional Intelligence and Impactful Leadership.

Programs Offered

KBC Consulting’s programs are tailored to the office setting, number of employees, and business objectives.  Through a strategic interactive approach, our programs provide high quality, customized solutions that are easily implemented and designed to make a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.


Working in a Multi-Generational Workforce

There is a new generational mix starting to work together in organizations.  Gen Z is entering the workforce and organizations and individuals need to be aware of how this will impact their workplace. Working in a Multi-Generational Workforce provides participants with a framework to understand the characteristics, values, and influences of each of the different generations, as well as information about how factors influence the way generations interact in the workplace.  The workshop includes case studies, role plays, and discussions to provide practical approaches to handling generational differences, and to foster a more productive work environment.

Develop Emotional Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced environment, in addition to technical skills, a successful leader must possess high emotional intelligence. Studies conducted across hundreds of organizations have demonstrated a correlation between emotional intelligence (EI) and effective leadership.  This program includes a history and overview of emotional intelligence, an assessment of each participant’s emotional intelligence, and ways to improve one’s emotional intelligence to improve workplace performance.

Management Essentials

Management Essentials is a comprehensive management training program for high potential employees. The program incorporates a 360 degree assessment, individualized coaching, and team workshops to enhance and refine management skills. The 360 degree assessment is designed to measure each participant’s management skills. Assessments are customized to meet clients’ needs by measuring management behaviors crucial to their workplace. Three one on one coaching sessions allow participants to understand their 360 feedback and focus their learning; address pressing people management issues; and create action plans to continue to hone management skills. Engaging workshops provide an interactive opportunity to build specific targeted skills.

Are You Hiring the Right People for Your Team?

Hiring the right people is critical for business success.  Behavioral interviewing is said to be 55 percent predictive of future on-the-job behavior, while traditional interviewing is only 10 percent predictive.  This is a method used to discover if the applicant possesses the behavioral traits and characteristics necessary to be successful in the desired position.  Studies show that the most accurate predictor of future performance is past performance in similar situations. This program includes a description of behavioral interviewing, tools for successful behavioral interviewing and an opportunity to practice the acquired skills.

Working Effectively with Different Communication Styles

What is the key to a successful workplace? Communication! Working Effectively with Different Communication Styles provides strategies and techniques to recognize and understand different communication styles for a more productive work environment.  Participants will assess their own style, learn how to recognize other people’s style and discover how to flex their communication to maximize productivity and reduce workplace conflict.

Change Management

Change is a reality for every organization and every individual today. Managers face the special challenge of maintaining a positive outlook and helping others to remain positive and productive during times of uncertainty.Change Management is a dynamic program that provides executives, senior managers and managers with the skills, tools, and techniques necessary to lead your organization and coach employees through the ever changing work environment. A non- manager version as well as a team version are also available.

Building a Strengths Based Team Using StrengthsFinder

StrengthsFinder 2.0 has become a popular tool for conducting team building at corporations, non-profits and faith-based organizations around the globe. Building A Strengths Based Team is designed to maximize the applicability of the StrengthsFinders assessment by focusing on the strengths of all members of a team. Participants will learn how to leverage their own strengths as well as their teammates for maximum productivity.

Influencing without formal authority

Many companies today recognize that employees at all levels of their organization need to exhibit leadership qualities, not just those in a managerial capacity. With more interdependence and cross-functional teams, the need for leadership and influencing skills are more important than ever. Organizations understand that the most successful employees are those who are able to lead and influence others within and outside the organization, including those who do not report to them. Influencing Without Formal Authority provides influencing and leadership skills that can be utilized in any role throughout the organization.

Personal Branding

Understanding the unique attributes that contribute to success at work can help employees drive their own career development.   Communicating those attributes and demonstrating their value to their manager and company are important skills to help achieve success at work.  “Personal Branding” will help participants discover their own personal brand and how to market it.  Participants will learn how to have effective performance conversations that will demonstrate their capability, review their successes, and allow them to learn from their mistakes and plan to achieve more going forward.  They will also practice communicating ideas and suggestions to their manager about their career development and professional aspirations.

The Manager’s Role

Often in fast growing organizations or industries, successful individual contributors are quickly promoted to management positions with very little training. It is common for these managers to struggle as they grow into their new management roles. The Manager’s Role provides assistance with this transition as participants learn best practices, common pitfalls and solutions to help them become successful managers in a short amount of time.

Presentation Skills

Speaking in front of a group is consistently one of people’s top five biggest fears.  This workshop teaches participants how to create, organize and deliver effective speeches or presentations.  Techniques to overcome anxiety and stage fright are presented.  Through practice and participation, participants learn how to use visual aids, read an audience and some basic dos and don’ts of giving a speech.

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